Monday, October 17, 2011

Is it wise to enter your works online?

Hello everyone,

Is it wise to enter your stories/scripts/screenplays etc online? Granted that the internet, is one 'gionormous' global satellite village at the click of a button, you need to be careful what you put out there. As aspiring writers, we have the tendency to quickly submit various or impending works online through contests and all what not; in a bid to get noticed or to bag a publisher. But the question is: Is it safe? Second question: How can you ensure your works will be protected and not plagiarised once it gets out there?

With the growing concerns over privacy and security on several social networking sites, one must be very careful in being too open, especially with strangers. It's very difficult to also trust some so-called contest sites as they act under the cover of legitimacy to fraudulently steal your idea.

The trend that is a bit safe and reliable are Critique partnerships, where two or more aspiring writers critique each other's works and constructively engage in criticisms that would ensure each person's growth and development.

I'm not saying entering into writing contests is wrong, but you need to be careful. Another skepticism is where these publishing-giants conduct contests, especially where they need fresh ideas from the un-tapped worldwide talent.(If you beg to differ, please comment below!).
Agreed, writing takes time and patience but doing the right thing correctly is what matters most. As what my Nigerian colleagues will say: SHINE YOUR EYES!!! 

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