About Moi

I currently work as an Admin Manager for a company whose subsidiaries are into Lending and the other, Event Management. I also do freelance copywriting jobs for advertising agencies. Worked on brands like Star Lager beer, Cycle for Hope (South Africa), FinBank, to mention a few.

When i'm not neck deep in dishing out orders and getting things done, i love to serenade myself in the shower, enjoy watching movies, reading a good book (i swear, covers and font sizes influence my decision to read), work on my WIPs, getting dirt on celebrity gossips, following football and cooking spicy dishes because from where i come from, we eat exclusively spicy foods. I must warn you that your tongue might not survive the spicy event!

My mentor is my elder sister, Marie Bunmi who influenced my writing ability today. She made me transfer from geography class and stick to literature class in high school, thus fuelling my passion for writing. Mind you, i had been writing stuff since my teens but she literarily pushed my boundaries. She also critiqued my then amateurish works. As i reminisce, her tongue was quite brutal in honesty so i survived her rejections. She also encouraged me to constantly improve. Yep, change is the only constant thing in life.
 Oops, i forgot to mention, that i can really draw.

So, there you have it!

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