Friday, June 29, 2012

Unfinished bizness

To all ye Romance genre faithfuls,

Bear thee fruit with thy published works.

(Please don't mind the crap i just typed!)
How many people have fulfilled part or all of their new year resolutions for 2012? If you haven't now's the chance to do so before the year runs out, or worse still before the end of days arrive in December, according to Aztec legend.

For those still hoping they can get their books published by one of the traditional publishing houses, please consider the self-publishing route. Life's too short to go around begging for a pitch to sell your work. Last year alone, over 500,000 people went the self-publishing route and they are now considered as bona-fide authors.

Lastly, have you ever felt your body twitch when you read one of those romance books (especially the love/sex scenes),'re not alone ***with a cheeky smile***. give kudos to the author that worked her butt off trying to get that steamy scene right.
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