Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Blocking that Writer's Block

I listened to a t.v. show where Nigerian Nobel Laureate (for Literature), Professor Wole Soyinka was asked to advice would-be writers on what it takes to be a great writer. And he said, that if a writer suffers from writer's block, they should think of another vocation/profession...!

It wasn't funny but i managed to laugh because i do not know of any writer who has not suffered from writer's block. It does not have to transcend to brainy nothingness but a time frame when you must pause (i emphasise Pause) and reflect, edit, re-write and ponder on what your imagination crops up.

I don't know whether it's a natural occurence for writers to have writer's block but in my own case, it happened when i began my writing craft (and that was when i was 14 years old). It was a terrible and helpless situation, filled with ambiguity, cumbersome misplacement of ideas and trying so hard to write like James Hadley Chase.

With the advancement of technology and incessant information at one's disposal, all you have to do is get inspired and get cracking.


  •  The Internet is more than just a space. All the research you need to do is at a click of a button. (Though, i do not envy communist countries where information is greatly restricted.)

  •  Libraries are immensely useful in researching a non-generic issue.

  •  It helps if you have loved ones practising professions you want to base your characters on. That way, you can ask all the questions in the world. (My vet, artist fiance, psychology friends will cringe when i come close to them as i can be an automated questioner).

  • Movies. (Believe it or not, movies are a depiction of reality except for the sci-fi and fantasy genres. And you stand a chance to watch your favourite eye-berry{coined from strawberry} like Dominc Cooper, Joe Flanigan, Taylor Lautner etc).

  • Songs. Songs are melodies from our heart. Or written by a professional. But whatever the source, songs can inspire you in ways you can dream of. It can also shake up some memories that can be used for your story.

  • Your neighbour. Whether they look like Doctor Who or Asterisk, the bottom line is that the mystery surrounding that person could turn out to be a sweet recipe for your main character/hero/heroine.

People come in different packages so do whatever that works for you and see yourself riding high in the clouds of writing. Block that writer's block. Enough said!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Hilarious Random Pictures

I just stumbled on these pictures when i browsed someone's facebook profile pics. They are a collection of random, hilarious pics.

       A truly fashionable goat! Hey, don't laugh. Don't people dress their dogs, so why not their goats. LOL...

           Please don't ask what was going on here. The guys were obviously playing pranks but i'm sure they enjoyed themselves and who knows?, probably they got in touch with their feminine side.

Interesting and i hope not offensive, piece of interior decoration.

The death penalty of Virginia's Teresa Lewis

Death Penalty: The mere words reverberates through every bone in an average human's body and ensures they are aware of the gravity of this capital punishment before any crime is committed.

Teresa Lewis of The United States became the 12th woman to be executed by lethal injection for killing or rather persuading two lovers to murder her husband and stepson.

Now, i can't fathom the reason for terminating their lives (could it be that the husband raped her, or she was tired of his face or he didn't give her money to pay her bills or...and the stepson could have been rude or he caught her pants down in the affair...i dunno) as i do not condone killing in any way but she was executed while her lovers got life imprisonment.

To further add spices to the wound, she was considered mentally unfit. (Ofcourse, who would sleep with two men concurrently or even simultaenously and both agree to kill?). And one of the lovers was the plot mastermind.

I have little knowledge of the judicial system in the United States but what i do know is that when a prisoner has been evaluated by a medical authority and is considered mentally unfit, they are usually pardoned and sent to a mental facility.

Why do i sense that the judge or the jury (probably both) are chauvinists who are overtly ambitious? In a society where they preach democracy, equality and all the intricacies of freedom and liberty, this case smacks of male arrogance directed towards women.

As i said, i do not condone killing someone for whatever reason but the judiciary must have a capable criteria for who must be executed and/or jailed without any form of prejudice.
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