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I do love watching movies especially when i have the time. My fiance literarily drags me by the neck to watch them with him during our quality time session so here goes.

                The part one had more flavour, more suspense and substance than the part two.

      Nice concept. But i think, hollywood is running out of fresh and original ideas. It's almost like Lion King.

 Watched this during the weekend of  6th and 7th November, 2010. This is a highly recommended film. It took me by surprise on the direction and reality of the story. Very captivating, truly engaging. A must watch! Adrien Brody and Forest Whitaker were at their best. Can you guess who the villain is? Your guess is as good as mine. I won't spoil it for you. Go and watch at the cinema or grab a DVD. Just watch!!!

P.S. Not for the faint-hearted and certainly not for minors.

Watched this during the weekend on the 13th of November, 2010 which fell on a saturday. I was bored at first, i must confess but the turn-out was great. The effects were astounding in some parts and needed more work in others. But a thumbs up from Nickelodeon. Enjoyed the suspense at the end and cannot wait for part two to be released.

Watched this series Kyle XY towards the end of November from Season 1 to part of Season 3. The initial plot focused on a teenager who is a result from an experiment and we, the viewers are made to believe that he possesses extraordinary powers and great I.Q. However, the series dulls towards the end of Season 1. Season 2 was not as compelling as the focus had been shifted to their love triangles (Kyle, Amanda, Jessi) and deviated completely from the organisation that wants Kyle etc. Season 3 was a bit boring as there was nothing to hold my attention. So, i stopped.

One series in particular i enjoyed is The Event: Season One. The series is a mix of X Files, Lost and 24 so i think i can understand where the intrigue came from. Oh, i watched this on the 3rd of December all through 5th of December. The mistakes that was made was the time at which the main character boyfriend, Sean Walker got to Snyder, Texas in like...2 seconds from a far location and errors by the Alien CIA Spy which shouldn't happen. But, overrall, i rate it a 7.5 over 10 for its intrigue, suspense and drama.

 Remember Jason Ritter (as Sean Walker in The Event) is the guy in Good Dick (film).

As always, i am a huge fan of Twilight though, i know it is way over-rated. ***damn***

I do not like Edward, i'm sorry but i am more of the niche female group that prefers their men ruggedly attractive like Jacob. When Bella screamed for Jacob to kiss her, i was like YEAH!!! Go Girl!!! That is a guy! (***dodges from Edward fanatical fans**).

Sad that she got married to Edward in Breaking Dawn. **hisses and rolls eyes*** So, what would happen to Jacob?

Anyway, as usual, heightened sexual tension, predictability and a recluse female being the centre of attention of her leading men, make up this recipe. Rate it a 7 over 10. Mind you, i rewinded that Jacob-Bella kiss again and again.


  1. Tried watching the event but just could not get what the fuss was about.But i have watched mirrors, not bad but i will recommend prince of persia, clash of the titans and these series pillars of the earth.

  2. Prince of Persia was disappointing. It's not a film to be watched more than once. Sadly, i prefer the game.

    Liked Clash of the titans, especially Epic films. Haven't seen Pillars of the Earth series.


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