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Hello bloggers. Welcome and be prepared to be sucked into my world. I have a YA/Mainstream fiction i am working on. Started in June, 2010 and thankfully, with this year's NanoWriMo, i have been compelled by their beguiling terms to confine my time to their schedule.

My Work In Progress is tentatively titled  The Wildebeest Within. It is about 19 year-old Tamara Fey who is a country girl of mixed heritage and is best friends with age mate, Marie Bouchard, a no-nonsense cynic who keeps naive Tamara grounded. Tamara falls for a Playboy who breaks up with her and ignites a Pandora's Box of emerging psychopathic personalities in her. During her rebound, she meets Steve Wright who tries to befriend her before a rape ensues which sets a turn of events from court case to murder. Friendships and relationships are tested and reveals what really went wrong.

I have introduced my characters in my blog. So, relax and enjoy the ride as you come write in. Below is Excerpt One.


     Tamara tried her best to concentrate in class. It wasn’t long when the Government History lecturer summoned her to his office. Even with the calmness of the supposed-scolding and mind play of the intricacies of learning, she still could not get her mind off David. I had given myself to you David. My body, heart and soul. Why?
     In the room when every other roommate had gone for lectures, Daisy observed her lost-in-thought roommate staring morosely at her fingernails.
“You’re slowly killing yourself and it is really pathetic” said Daisy
“What’s your business?”
Daisy joined Tamara on the bed.
“First rule of life, never ever kill or beat yourself over a man. Trust me, it’s a lost cause”
“Please don’t start with those motivational book nonsense about life…”
“Tamara, your case is not peculiar at all. Let me tell you a story. There was this girl that dated her lovely Prince Charming. They were perfect for each other. Same things in common, compatible personalities, you name it. But what the girl didn’t know was that her prince charming was a drug peddler, a thief and the world’s greatest cheat”
“Is that from a movie?” answered Tamara non-chalantly “Besides, who told you I was having man-trouble?”
“That girl is me”
That got her attention.
“But I was able to move on” she continued “If I never did; probably I would have been a nutcase by now. What I want to say to you is never and I repeat never ever kill yourself for a man. If he’s yours, he’ll come back and make sure he never hurts you again and if not, there are hundreds of eligible in Kings alone”
“Just because you’re studying Psychology doesn’t mean you should use me as a guinea pig”
They both laughed.
“So think about it and enjoy your freshman year cuz you can never turn back the hands of time”
“Daisy thanks. Right now, I have to pee”
     Daisy watched her go to the lavatory within the large room. She sincerely hoped a part of Tamara’s heart was touched by the advice. Stretching herself on the bed, she hummed to a Rihanna beat. She then dozed off just before she could finish the tune. Waking up suddenly, she realized that Tamara hadn’t come out from the lavatory. Decisively, she went and knocked on the door.
“Tamara, Tamara, are you okay?”
     There was no answer. She tried again. Still no answer. The door was locked when she turned the handle. Fearing the worst, she ran to the reception and reported to the porter.
“My roommate’s been in the lavatory for ages. I’m afraid she’s hurt herself and the door is locked. Please hurry”
“Which room?” asked the male porter, picking up the intercom.
     Within minutes and armed with instruments, the porter broke open the door. Tamara lay on the floor in a small pool of blood. Her face was deathly pale and her wrists were slashed by a pair of tweezers.
“Oh my God!” exclaimed Daisy as she put her hands to her mouth in horror.
Two paramedics arrived to take Tamara away. Students thronged out of their rooms because of the ruckus. News spread wildly like a forest fire. 



     Tamara had a shower and dressed alone in the room. The girls were out on various dates. She had put on hair extensions for a fuller effect. Checking through her wardrobe, she finally decided on a silver low cut v-necked top on her favourite banana republic jeans and comfortable sandals. Make-up, a dash of jewellery and a dab of perfume later and she was good to go.
     Steve was waiting patiently at the front of the hotel and became mesmerised when he saw her.
“Your jaw seems to be falling down. Be sure to pick it up before we leave” she smiled cheekily.
“I think I just suffered a heart attack”
He mimicked a person having a cardiac arrest.
“Come on silly” she laughed.
     It’s good to see you laugh, he thought as he behaved like a gentleman and opened the car door for her. He didn’t fail to miss her delectable scent and accentuated cleavage.
     Tamara was conscious of the effect she was having on him. It was an aura she was particularly used to now. A far cry from her embarrassingly self-conscious growing up days. Steve was equally nice in his sports jacket and bootleg jeans. They chatted as they began the journey to Statensburg; before parking in front of a diner, as soon as they arrived. They ordered for steak and eggs with a cola drink for her and a lager for him.
“Unfortunately, they don’t serve Caribbean food here” he said, feeling proud that some men were glancing at his date.
“Ah you remembered! That’s very cool, you know. Wait until you try Callaloo which happens to be my favourite”
“What’s Collalor?”
“Ca-lla-loo, callaloo. It’s a spicy dish of crab, coconut milk, dasheen leaves and French thistle” she laughed. “Or a shark and bake sandwich, if you like”
“I don’t like crab nor shark, thank you very much”
“Oh you’ll like the Callaloo. Or Garnache or conkies…or Buljol”
“Hmmm, yummy” he replied with a hint of sarcasm. “If I know what it is I’m eating”
“Whatever. So what food do you like?”
“Junk food made in Serra Republic. Fast food. Pizza, noodles, canned pork and beans, chips, burgers, you name it”
     He watched her eat her steak. God, he wanted her. He had to discreetly hide his raging erection. It was so unfair that he had to be a good boy tonight or she’d flee. How he hated one-night stands! The three girls he had bedded at different occasions during the holiday were traumatised down below as he had showed how sadistically he could be, when no feelings were involved. They had been on his neck to have a piece of him and after a lot of resistances, he eventually gave in. After the treatment they received, they stopped imposing themselves on him.
“You like my breasts, don’t you” she teased.
“Of course, I like them. They’re in my view”
“What did I say about not having any funny ideas?” she now said, sternly.
“You asked a question and I answered”
     She stood up and for a moment, he thought she would walk out on him. As he called out her name to stop her, he realised she wasn’t heading for the door but to the jukebox instead. The sound of an electric guitar hit the air. It was a rock music. Then she resumed her seating position in front of him.
“That should change the atmosphere” she said, forking the eggs into her mouth, chewing precisely and showing him the result on her tongue.
“Christ!” he exclaimed, looking away. “That isn’t right”
“Serves you right”

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