Friday, January 7, 2011

Thank God it's Friday!!!


The day was slow but thank God it's friday because i am going to PARTY!!! (joking) but at least i'll get to do what i luuuurrrrvvv to do which is writing. Lest, i forget, Twitter has an amazing cyber ocean of agents. Wow, i even met one in a space of seconds but i definitely couldn't pitch anything to her (you do not want to make a bad impression, being the new year and all). I'll also get to watch new films during the weekend. I watched Black Swan, Dear Mr Gacy, Dead Zone Series (a few episodes), Tron Legacy and The Tudors (a few episodes) during the holidays. Natalie Portman acted very nicely in Black Swan, which is a pyschological thriller (great for shaping up your writers' imagination, if you know what i mean). The movie for once had a different twist, in the sense that you'll expect Natalie's character to get down and dirty with her teacher but it wasn't so. Let me not spoil the gist for you all, so run along to the cinema near you.

Time to shake something...have a lovely weekend, everyone. Do not overindulge, don't drink and drive, don't fight with your spouses and above all, do spend some time with your spouse (after the writing time, that is). Bye.

N.B: I love both movie posters and i couldn't deal with the dilemma of having to choose one, hence the two.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

No Kiss Blogfest

Unfortunately, i forgot to post my No Kiss post on January 2 as i was enjoying my break from using the P.C. But for more information on this nice contest, here's a really cool blog to visit here. A big thank you to Frankie Diane Mallis, the owner of the blog who also extended the contest. You can also check out her cool pages.

Sooooo, here's my story on a grace to grass footballer who is reunited with his high school sweetheart (who is now a successful painter by profession) after he had jilted her for fame and fortune.......enjoy.


       She shook her head. She got out the heated pizza slices and almost flung it on the table, in annoyance. How could he have thought I didn’t take it seriously? Night after night, I cried as I thought it was true that I was a bad painter until I made a vow to work on my painting and prove him wrong, she thought. Seeing her changed disposition, he reached for her hand and caressed it, while he spoke.
“I’m not saying this because this is the right thing to say. I admit, I was a pig, a jerk and whatever vile name you can think of. From the bottom of my heart, I’m sorry I said those mean words. You can’t compare the mind of a 19 year old with a 31 year old. And as for what you said concerning my marriage, it was built on lies. I can’t explain the details now. My naivety and stupidity got the best of me. Even my team mates can attest to the temptations they face. But, that is not an excuse and I am ready to face whatever punishment you feel will help you move on. Mercedes, I am very sorry and believe it or not, I never stopped thinking of you.”
For lack of a picture to fit the depiction, this will have to do
             Her cheeks became flustered. Dale had tears in his eyes as he spoke. A clear indication of his honesty. Her heart suddenly leapt out to him. The stroking movements of his hand made her shudder. She averted her eyes.
“Mercedes, please take this from a man who has seen life. I shouldn’t even have anything to do with women after what I’ve been through” And with that, he left her hand and walked to the window. A garden and a fence occupied his view but he wasn’t looking as his mind had wandered. Looking at his bare back, she was tempted to run her fingers on them. Her hand still sizzled from his hot touch.
“Dale” she said, thinking of how to tell him, she had already forgiven him.
He turned around, folding his arms, his demeanor changing.
“You have forgiven me. There’s no need to pretend. I can see it in your eyes. Besides, why would you have bailed me, in the first place? Don’t forget I know you. Standing there, dripping wet from a shower and wearing nothing but a sheer gown...”
          She eyed him, feeling the embarrassment take over. Her strong girl persona had been rubbished. How could she forget that he knew her, even more than she knew herself? Was she coming on too strongly? Wasn’t she supposed to make him, her love slave? Before she could sort out her feelings, he had stormed over to her and grabbed her by the waist, looking into her eyes, his mouth, inches away from hers, their breaths meshing together. The way, he grabbed her, sent a warm electric current flow, through her body. His now raging erection had pressed into her. She imagined the sweet taste of his mouth on hers. Unconsciously, she placed a hand on his cheek.
“No need to be embarrassed. I want you twice as much. God, I am at my control’s edge of taking you right here on the table”
Her heart seemed to flutter with joy. She wasn’t frigid after all.
Kiss me, dammit, she thought. He closed his eyes, tightening his hand on her waist, fighting the urge to cup her beautiful, round buttocks. Her scent enthralled his nostrils, causing his erection to thicken, more than before. He used a finger to rub her seductive pout, remembering the games they played, as teens. The temptation to make love to her was deliciously irresistible. She taunted every bit of his senses.
“I don’t want to take advantage of you. We just met again after all these years” he continued. She begged him with her eyes. She was now flowing with wet abandon. The anticipation was becoming unbearable. She had kissed him before and as a teen, so why was it now hard? Her hands now held his well carved biceps for support. Please, Dale, Kiss me, she thought. No, No, don’t let go. He was releasing her from his grip, while shaking his head, rapidly. What if she’s using me?, he thought, getting away from her. 

Postscript: This is a Romance WIP of mine. So, it's still rough. But, do please comment on what should be added or subtracted. Thanks.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Resolutions Countdown

Happy New Year 2011 to you all!!! I can't wait for bloggydom to get rolling with blogs again as everyone resumes their activities. My resolutions for this year are but not limited to the following:

1. Jogging every weekends: Tick. I have started this already and my muscles were so pulled tight, i thought i was going to collapse from pain. Also, i have a pear shape i desperately need to get into shape (thank you mom for those genes) even though i am not close to being plump. I jogged during the weekend and i gasped so much for breath. I now have a new found respect for athletes and showbiz people.

2. Family ties: Tick. Spend more time with my family. I'm an independent girl on a business mission so i did enjoy my holiday reunion with my family. More of that, definitely.

3. Writing/Editing/Submitting: My YA Mainstream WIP is over 50,000 words and my target is 80,000. After NaNoWriMo, i neglected it so i need to pick it up again. My romance fiction is a work in progress after my first chapter submission to Harlequin. My writing had suffered badly due to work, home stress and my Masters Degree Thesis. So, this year i need to pick it up again, finish my 2 WIPs (the romance WIP has surpassed the YA Mainstream unfortunately) and edit, revise and then start submitting. Hopefully, i'll finish my Thesis in late February and pick up my beloved writing.

4. Get Married: Well...well...well...i do want to get married but it seems that each time i get financially closer to my goal (my fiance too), one pressing commitment rises its ugly head. I do not even want to listen to my alter ego telling me if both of us are even serious to begin with. But deep down, i do want to get married, though i am not 100% desperate about this. My biological clock isn't helping matters also. Tick tock, tick tock...countdown begins.

5. Higher work pay: I definitely am working on this as its about time i start buying those things on display in shops (clothes, shoes, accessories, you name it) and travel (hmmm....bahamas calling) to exotic areas. You only live once, right? So, why should i be stuck in a routine job while saddled with more responsibilities than i can think of and still get underpaid? (Seriously affecting resolution 4 above). And how can i achieve this...Psst.

6. Save: Definitely not easy when your salary is average (nope, i'm not telling what i earn) but i am working towards achieving resolution 5 which would translate to a better and higher savings plan for myself and my unborn kids.

7. Have fun: Tick. You only live once so i am getting out of my conservative self and exploring the night scene once in a while because i am such a homebody (my alter loves to explore) so i am definitely taking up this one.

8. Add Masters Degree to Resume: Yep, i'll finally do this and i am happy about this. In my country, qualifications do matter and that translates to achieving Resolutions 4, 5 and 6.

For now, i can only think of these. What are your new year resolutions? Have a wonderful day. Peace.
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