Monday, February 20, 2012

Dangers of taking drugs. Period.

Mankind may be extinct with the rate at which people ingest drugs, 
both hard and prescribed.

I won't go into too much details but what i need to specify is that: Drugs are Harmful!!! Whether you choose to believe or not, take a look at the harmful effects of drugs.

VACCINATION: Parents are usually skeptical about the side effects of immunization drugs as it is believed to cause autism.

Drugs have been known to prevent measles, Rubella, etc. But that is a LIE!!! Anyone and everyone who has had a vaccination shot against these terrible diseases would go on to later have them in life. Like Chicken pox for instance. So what's the essence of taking the drugs anyway?

PRESCRIPTION PILLS: Lots of well-known people have fallen victim to the usage of prescription pills. Even when taken in correct doses, prescription pills have side-effects as long as the total length of one's body.

Prescription pills are used for the treatment of body ailments and so on but still pose a great threat to one's health. Scientists need to get back to the drawing board and ensure that these drugs are 100% safe and not waste their time on ammunition and artillery that can end the lives of millions of innocent people in senseless wars.

HARD DRUGS: One way or the other, celebrities have been advocating the legality of the 'infamous' marijuana. Now i don't know if it's an Illuminati gimmick or the other, but the government in each country makes tonnes of money from the illegal sale of drugs. Don't be deceived by the cover of law enforcement. Govt's know the sale of cocaine for instance, is a huge money-making machine and a great source of revenue, hence the laxity in fighting drug cartels.

We have medical marijuana and the like but overall, hard drugs mess with your cognitive function (in other words, your brain) and in the long run, make you eternally hooked on them. while the drug dealers smile to the bank before you land up in the grave.

Why should a perfectly healthy individual engage in drugs??? I don't feel sympathy for those who use their own hands to kill themselves. Herbs seems to be the answer.

If in doubt, just ask Whitney Houston, Elvis Priestley, Heath Ledger, Michael Jackson, Etta James.

Monday, February 13, 2012


I hate saying goodbyes. It's so sad that a musical icon is dead at 48. Whitney Houston touched many lives with her beautiful, soul-rendering lyrics and her passionate acting. I grew up listening to songs like "I wanna dance with somebody", "I'm your baby tonight", "I will always love you" etc and films like Waiting to Exhale and my favourite: The Bodyguard.

Unfortunately, her marriage to Bobby Brown was the inception of her downfall in all things (-ly). That is, mentally, spiritually, psychologically, physically and lyrically. But it would also be grossly unfair to heap the whole blame on a gold-digging-beating-drug-dealing husband when she actually divorced him years prior to her death. Yet she couldn't quite shake off the years of drug abuse. Suffice to say, she claimed to be 'totally' drug-free in 2010. And her death remains a mystery.

Interesting enough, it is noteworthy to mention that some artistes like Heath Ledger and Amy Winehouse who also used drugs did not die from purported drug usage but by other means. However, i feel, in my own opinion that drugs do have dangerous long-term consequences. The damage may occur long after the victim is sober.
 The reality of the situation is for everyone to know and understand that drug abuse is bad. And not just HARD DRUGS but PRESCRIPTION  DRUGS as well.

Etta James also passed away due to drug abuse as well, including a host of other great talents. And pop legend MICHEAL JACKSON.

It's also unfortunate that people all over did not give her a chance to make her comeback. Critics criticized her voice, saying it wasn't excellent bla bla.

It's a pity that more and more popular and popular people will  and continue to die from using drugs because of peer pressure, depression or whatever excuse when all they can do is be wise and say no to drugs and follow healthy ways to combat whatever stress they're undergoing.

From the bottom of my heart, i'll miss Whitney Houston and it's so sad she's lost this fight. It's so sad to say goodbye. R.I.P.

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