Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Would you read an African book?

No matter what complexion you possess, would you read an African book written by an African author? Before you answer the question, there are some facts you need to know about African books.

1. There is no water-tight genre: The story could cover a sphere of different genres or just one solid genre. It might be romance with some paranormal or just comedy or tragedy mainstream.

2. It is based on Africa: The stories are based on African-related themes and settings, either in urban areas or rural areas. Sometimes, the story might have an African plot but be based in Western settings.

3. The names are African: Hardly would you see real African characters bearing English names. Names like Segi, Bode, Chukwudi, Yaya are just a fraction of the millions of indigenous African names abounding.

4. It is eclectic: If you're looking for that dreamy-paced or starry-eyed character, you would be rudely shocked because the stories are eclectic in every sense of the word. For example, the Head of a household in a story, might be married to four wives and have twenty children, where they live in a bungalow.

Read African books if you're looking for something different with a sense of adventure plus culture from a totally different continent.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Is it wise to enter your works online?

Hello everyone,

Is it wise to enter your stories/scripts/screenplays etc online? Granted that the internet, is one 'gionormous' global satellite village at the click of a button, you need to be careful what you put out there. As aspiring writers, we have the tendency to quickly submit various or impending works online through contests and all what not; in a bid to get noticed or to bag a publisher. But the question is: Is it safe? Second question: How can you ensure your works will be protected and not plagiarised once it gets out there?

With the growing concerns over privacy and security on several social networking sites, one must be very careful in being too open, especially with strangers. It's very difficult to also trust some so-called contest sites as they act under the cover of legitimacy to fraudulently steal your idea.

The trend that is a bit safe and reliable are Critique partnerships, where two or more aspiring writers critique each other's works and constructively engage in criticisms that would ensure each person's growth and development.

I'm not saying entering into writing contests is wrong, but you need to be careful. Another skepticism is where these publishing-giants conduct contests, especially where they need fresh ideas from the un-tapped worldwide talent.(If you beg to differ, please comment below!).
Agreed, writing takes time and patience but doing the right thing correctly is what matters most. As what my Nigerian colleagues will say: SHINE YOUR EYES!!! 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What is your preferred genre?

Established authors seem to have it easy. They have gone way pass the slush pile and are heard through their works or rather, books. Some authors write a particular genre or incorporate different genres in one or better still, write different genres. Period. 

What might work for someone may not necessarily work for another. We all have different mindsets. Someone might frown on an erotica piece and embrace mainstream and vice versa. 

The questions i have are:

1.) Are romance writers less intelligent as science-fiction writers?

2.) Why do all writers (published and un-published) confine themselves to just writing 'publishable' material because a publisher said so whereas they could explore other 'alternative' genres and reach out to a new niche audience?

3.) Why are the publishable material confined to just YA, Romance, Paranormal (Werewolves, Succubus and hardly any Incubus, Vampires and Witches only) while other genres do not sell as much because the listed ones are the current fads now?
However, writers have the duty to write their passions to a teeming fold of millions of people that can appeal to their imaginative skills. Whatever your preferred genre (under an association of publishers' list of appropriate and sell-able concepts), be a specialist in it, hone your skills and be the best at what you do. Even if a million and one other people are also writing similar materials as you.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

More movie reviews

I hope you enjoyed the past movie reviews i did. Were the movies worth it? I'm back again with more movie reviews in a better format which won't spoil the fun of watching it for you. On today's line-up are the following movies. They are not in order of importance.

Based on the dream state/realm to discover possibilities of sowing an idea into the mind. Beautiful direction of photography, nice special effects that look real except for one or two flaws. Leonardo DiCaprio as usual gave it his all. Look out for the emotional ending. I rate it four stars.

Based on circus showings. A man falls in love for a lady with wings yet deceives her. The film dragged a bit. At one point, i dozed off while watching. The acting was mediocre and a bit drab. Megan Fox's character doesn't look like your typical innocent woman, so maybe that's the fault of the casting director. Look out for Mickey Rourke. I rate it two stars.
A parody and satire combination of real issues from save our children, gay cruises, racial inequality, the imitation of Britney Spears, Al-Qaeda and so on. It's similar to Scary movie only better. Wonderful comedy that would guarantee tons of laughter. I rate it four and a half stars.

An alien is booted from outer space and his ring chooses its successor on earth. An evil force threatens to destroy worlds.Very similar to the 2d animation portrayal. I've always had a crush on Ryan Reynolds but without bias, he did some very good acting. The special effects were good and the story line had depth. I rate it three and a half stars.

Unfortunately, this sequel's story line was the worst of all. But it never disappoints with extra special effects, buildings toppling over each other, violence and decepticons battling the primes. Megan Fox was much better here than her replacement. I rate it three stars.

A guy goes back in time several times to stop a train bomb blast. Jake Gyllenhaal stars in the movie and it was superb, though the endless back and forth became a bit monotonous. I rate it three and a half stars.

 Very similar to The Crush which starred Alicia Silverstone. A high schooler crushes on her maths teacher with devastating consequences. I rate it three stars.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Recommended movies to watch

Howdy everyone!!! Right now, i wish i sort of had a Cajun accent (wonder why but it sounds sexy) after watching Season one DVD of True Blood. These are the movies i recommend for you to watch with my own short reviews. They are not based in order of importance in anyway, please.


If you haven't watched Part one, then you are missing. Love the story, the peacocks and the 'heavyweight' panda. I rate it three stars.


It keeps getting better and better. The film takes you back to how the X-Men started and what broke the cordial friendship between Xavier and Magneto. I have a crush on James McAvoy and was delighted to see him in this. Watch out for Kevin Bacon's performance. I rate it four and a half stars.


This movie describes the horrendous circumstance surrounding the holocaust during the second world war. It narrates how one little courageous girl attempted to save her brother from the massacre. A wonderful movie that deserves an Oscar. Get a tissue handy. I rate it four and a half stars.


A dark thriller focusing on the double conflicting personalities of a man who's involved in some murders. I rate it three stars.


A movie i enjoyed and which gripped me as i wanted to know how the ending would unravel. It shows the lengths humans would go to, to destroy anything that gets in their way. Cate Blanchett was riveting as wel as the main actress (Saorise Ronan, sorry if i didn't get it right. No time to verify!!) also starred in The Lovely Bones. I rate it four stars.


Bradley Cooper was dazzling in this movie. I was a bit put off at first when i saw the trailer about having to transform your life with a pill (thinking it was Matrix all over again) but it's more than that. It delves into the usage of the parts of the brain that are un-used. I rate it three stars.


Don't watch this if you want to see the re-enactment of the original. It's a different version with sexual undertones and were wolves set in an enchanting fantastical world. I rate it three stars.


Reminds me of Liam Neeson's role in Taken but this is with a twist. It focuses on man's bid to make known his true identity and escape ruthless killers who are on his prowl. Lots of suspense. I rate it three and a half stars.


It looks like one of those graphic comic/sin city/Quentin Tarantino works. It features a lot of stars and portrays a behind the scenes look into the world of illegal immigration. I rate it three stars.


A movie by John Carpenter. Interesting piece of horror and acting, as well as the usual screams, blood and 'medium' gore. I rate it two and a half stars.

So, there you have it. All the must-watch movies with short reviews and ratings for each one. If you have watched any of the above and/or are yet to watch any of the above, feel free to comment on any of the films and i'll be happy to respond.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Could it be?

It's been ages since i visited this blog. It was partly due to the non-commenting which de-motivated me, amongst other real life matters. Yet, i am a slave to the keyboard and as a writer, i cannot help but surrender all emotions, musings and thought processes.

I thought i was the only one caught with the Non-updating Blog Fever until i noticed the trend with other die-hard bloggers. Some favourite bloggers (judging from the comments!) disappeared altogether and the void to sniff off other people's information just kept widening. The question that came to my mind was: Could it be that blogging seems to be dying?

Other pressing questions are:


  1. that blogging isn't as fun as it used to be?
    2. that writers are geting fed up with the endless journey to the road of publication?

    3. that writers have now smelt the onions and realized that book publishing isn't as lucrative compared to  

        being your own boss/entrepreneur?
    4. that Osama being dead doesn't mean the end of terrorism?
    5. that writing contests apart from the contagious A to Z contest are not as stimulating as before?
    6. that wearing lingerie or granny pants do not mean anything to a man who still has a roving eye?
    7 that despite tweeting about conversationalist topics on tweeter, your followers do not rise beyond 10
    8. that Joanna the bionic writer is pregnant again as she hasn't updated her blog in a whilllleeeee?
    9. that humans have a dark nature comparable to the devil?
Those are just a handful of my musings. Thank God it's friday. Have a lovely weekend and don't just snoop on me. Leave a comment. Now that would make my day. Peace.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

One naughty Easter Bunny

Happy Easter to you all. It's such a wonderful feeling that Jesus resurrected on the cross to the shame of the devil.
Isn't he/she cuteeee??? Aww!!

Hope you had a particularly splendid Easter weekend. I wasn't exactly sure what to blog about without being too religious and the like. I watched (on the television) a particular Easter Bunny (Human ofcourse) placing coloured eggs near coral reefs underwater as a game for tourists to search. It was a bit funny seeing a pink costumed scuba diver (complete with ears and fake fur) placing the eggs. 

FAQs about Bunny Rabbits

  1. They live in warm fluffy places like meadows, forests or even holes.
  2. They unfortunately eat their poo-poo
  3. Their reproductive rate is very high. Infact, female rabbits have the ability to be pregnant again while carrying a pregnancy. Yep, it's true.
  4. They are timid creatures.
Being part of the Easter celebrations is quite unique like the Santa Claus/Father Christmas figure during the christmas holidays. The Bunny carries eggs and candies to kids and is sometimes depicted in clothes; dating back to the early 19th Century.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hope is the medicine for despair

Hello lovely people,

Nigeria has just concluded its presidential elections and now we have a new (still the incumbent) president. Some in the north don't like him because of tribalism and are currently venting their displeasure through violence.
Anyway, i checked my mail for any new mail and received this from a friend whose name is Tunde Hundeyin and he happens to be a motivational speaker. You can get inspiring articles at his blog at  Here's one you might find heart-warming.

...get going

"You don't have to be a fantastic hero to do certain things - to compete. You can be just an ordinary chap, sufficiently motivated."-Sir Edmund Hillary.
Issue 54, Feb 2011

I chose to drop out of a MSc. programme sometime ago because I figured that the exercise was not adding any value to my life. My lecturers were so disorganised that they hardly attended classes and if they did, it was to sell their handouts, which of course added to students' bottom line at the end of the course!

They quoted the same books they studied as undergraduates and imparted no current knowledge or skill! Out of discontent, I opted out to follow my passion for photography. I bought my 1st D-SLR equipment, got trained, and today I'm happy, having added a veritable money-making skill to my life. I'm assured that I won't have to live from job to job, seeking to make a living with an unjustifiable certificate.

Life is a decision. It is the way you dream and work towards it. Live a fulfilling life.

Money follows people wherever they go and in an overly populated nation like Nigeria, money flows along people's path. Money-making opportunities abound and one must plug-in to discover how to trap this flow of currency. Your skills and ideas are necessary to create avenues of generating wealth.

The workplace is changing in such a rapid manner that graduates are now garnering skills and taking up vocations hitherto reputed to be practiced by illiterates and artisans. Professions like hairdressing, tailoring, photography, event catering and decoration are examples. In a few years, in fact, graduates who do not add an extra skill to their lives will be outdone by their skilled counterparts. It would make no sense not to get a degree but its only relevance would be just that and basic knowledge. Vocational skills would generate the currency you require to provide your needs. Spending decades on a white-collar job is definitely fading out as upwardly mobile executives are now looking inwards and creating the businesses of their dreams.

Usually, people find it Herculean taking the step of faith out of their comfort zones and zones in sync with public opinion. Below are tips to staying ahead:

Document your dreams: A dream is a stream of water; it flows away, never returning to its initial spot. A dream is a bird; it escapes on its wings so soon. The shortest pen is longer than the longest memory. Never underestimate the power of a dream, it has the capacity to bestow on you renown. Trap your hunches & visions down in written form as it helps you to crystallize your ideas.

Chart your course: Fill in the gaps between your current reality and your dream. What goals/steps would take you into the future you crave? Design an action plan and be disciplined enough to follow the path.

Get a mentor: Find an accessible & experienced person from whose wealth of knowledge and experience you can glean. You must be teachable, willing to serve and ready to pay the price.

Get informed: Go to school. Read books/journals. Attend seminars/conferences/workshops. Google it! We're in an information age, you know? Information increases exponentially by the second. What you need is as close to you as the next click. Appropriately interpret what you read, hear, see and perceive.

Pay the price: Every prize has a price tag. The national anthem says: "The labour of our heroes past..." People become heroes as a result of their work. Work hard and smart at your dream. Subject yourself to physical, spiritual, financial, mental and social discipline in congruence with your dream. Be consistent, strategic and deliberate in your approach.

Keep the end in focus: Discouragement is bound to try your belief in yourself. Courage is the antidote to fear and doubt. Fix your eyes on the distant image in your telescope. Superimpose your future in your mind's eye, never giving it up to momentary challenges. Your difficulties have a shelf life, if you'll hang on; you'll have what you desire. Hope is the medicine of despair so, be patient, consistent and you'll climb to the top of your dream.

Never seek significance, rather seek destiny. In seeking your purpose in destiny, you'll find significance. Those who seek significance find it only to lose it so soon.

Tunde Alabi-Hundeyin II

(The picture has nothing related to the topic but i just love those cute cuddly puppies. Awwwww!!!)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Thank God it's friday and other gists

A bizarre incident occured last weekend. A male neighbour on my street was scheduled for an appendisectomy on sunday morning. So, he got ready and proceeded with the surgery. Then in a twinkle of an eye, he was gone. Now, i don't know whether the anaesthesia was improperly administered or he just blacked out like that. The crux of the matter was that the man died. He was the bread winner of the family and the only son.

What amazed me was the sudden burial a few hours later. To make matters even more intriguing, the man's body was still warm. WARM. So, could it be, that he was still in a medically induced coma and the doctors failed to realize that he might still be alive (probably with a faint but sure heart response)? Anyway, he was buried withour further ado.

Then comes the intriguing part: The family were upstairs and the generator was switched on. After hours of service, the generator switched itself off for 15 minutes and then switched itself on again. The family scrambled out of the house in fear that probably the guy's ghost was hunting them.

As funny as this may sound, it still bores down to the fact that this was a tragedy. The man was 24/25 years of age with a prospective future which was cut short by a doctor's negligence and the speedy burial which could have been much later in order to ascertain whether he was truly dead or not (either through revival or autopsy to determine cause of death).

I am not a know-it-all but this to me, is despicably wrong and morally unjust. The medical facilities need a serious review. It's no wonder Nigerian and other African politicians travel in a whiff of smoke to have medical treatment for something as ridiculous as a headache. I have lost a fellow colleague in my former workplace to hospital negligence for an appendisectomy. I also had mine in 2004 and the supposed stitches that the nurse had removed were still in place and i had travelled for NYSC. I was just lucky that i realized in time to have it removed (all of it).

People in Western countries with access to quality medical care do not value or rather appreciate the value of what they have.

On a lighter note, thank God it's friday. And for my curious peeps, my ankle is 90% healed. Have fun. Don't drink and drive and Nigerians, your vote is in your hands. Vote wisely because i do not want to hear complaints thereafter.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Thank God it's friday!!!

Nigerians tomorrow would change the tide of time by preparing to vote in tomorrow's parliamentary election. And it's a frenzy here. The government has placed a 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. curfew on movement today. Why? I don't know. But what i do know is thank God it's friday.

In a dramatic turn, i got to work my usual time at 7:55 a.m and usually, we have a company sponsored breakfast of bread and tea. So i reach out for the jam in the fridge co-joined with the water dispenser and a glass bottle immediately rolled out and BANG the shards of glass and liquid flew everywhere. I froze on the spot as i surveyed the damage that had occured until i saw blood. It dribbled from my ankle. It was really gushing. Yet i didn't feel pain. My colleagues scrambled to administer first aid before i was taken to a pharmacy where the gash was properly treated and i was given anti-tetanus injection and antibiotics (it wasn't deep as the wound was directly on my ankle bone but the blood was profuse) before being whisked back to the office.

So, i walk with a plastered leg at the moment and not happy that i am starting my weekend on this note but notwithstanding, it's friday. And with fridays, it means generous hours of movies and sleep and food.

Happy weekends everyone.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Love/sex scenes from a writer's point of view

I remember when i started writing very amateurishly in my teens and i wrote my first romance book. That book was very controversial in my high/secondary school. Not controversial as in transgender stuff but about hot, raunchy sex between two consenting adults. And i attended a christian boarding school. Can you imagine the sex scenes revolving round a 14 year old girl's brain? It was enough to make a monk smile and say Yee-Ha!!! (Cowboy exclamation).

It's not that i was a corrupt kid. I was this shy and extremely reserved girl with an overactive, throbbing imagination trying to get unleashed with such viciousness. The title was Gritters on your door. I don't know what gritters means even today but i smile when i remember:
My friends teased the hibbie jibbies out of me as the book passed from one skinny hand to the other (we were so skinny, it was unbelievable). Senior students scrambled to have a read of this awesome book. I was never so embarassed in my life as they poked fun of the sex scenes which was a collaboration of ideas i had gotten inspiration from books, movies and sexy female comic characters (Wonder woman, Poison Ivy etc). Yet, that book was hotter than a Mills and Boon sex scene at the time when it was still conservative.

Now, it's a different ball game. My new WIP is a Category Romance. As i sit in front of my laptop, happily orchestrating the rhythm of the alpha male and heroine, through lots of sexual tension and all other intricacies, i get to the part where they make love and i can't help but reminisce on the yesteryears where i might have huddled in a secluded corner to write, lest i get the teasing of my life and be labelled an immoral creature.

I do not feel bad that someone will read my work, infact i am more than happy to share (except my Dad reading it, though) and it's more emotional than some bland fluid mechanical movement like a scene from a porno flick. However, some great tips on creating a sensational love/sex scene (in my view) are:

The scenes must exude love.

The reader must feel the passion.

It must be genuine and go with the flow.

Lots of detail yet not too much in order to stir the reader's imagination (Think of a lady in a sexy one piece swimsuit and one in a sexy teeny weeny bikini. Which would you prefer?)

Dialogue is also important and a little dirty talk is not bad depending on whether its just a simple romance or an erotica.

If as a writer, you don't feel it, it's also very likely that your readers won't feel it.

Before writing any love/sex scene, the chemistry and body language between the main characters is very essential as its supposed to be romance and not a man-soliciting-sex-from-a-prostitute rigid plot.

And please, don't mind these words Love/Sex as they do mean two different things that interchange with each other.

If you're a romance writer, please comment on how easy or difficult it is for you to write your love/sex scenes.

Monday, April 4, 2011

No Strings Attached Movie Review

I decided to showcase a movie today instead of chalking it to the Movie Reviews section of my blog. This week’s review is NO STRINGS ATTACHED directed by Ivan Reitman  and starring the cute Natalie Portman and prankster, Ashton Kutcher. The movie is very much like a novel sequence with a detailed plot and I can’t help but wonder if the writer of this screen play is also an author.
The movie opens on the two characters in their childhood, with Ashton’s character, Adam, depressed with the divorce of his parents and a reluctant Natalie’s character, Emma,  holding his shoulder. Years later, they meet again at a college frat party. I don’t want to spoil it for those who haven’t watched the movie…yet.
Ashton played his character well but I honestly thought in some scenes (like when he was desperate for sex and was calling all girls on his phone log) he would burst out laughing, because of his comedic nature. Both characters also pulled off their first sex scene, as the camera revealed only their faces. But in a subsequent one where a male roommate knocked on their door, for disturbing his porn flick, they resembled body doubles and the camera shot from an aerial angle that hid that little teeny weeny piece of information. What I couldn’t understand, was why Emma was afraid of commitment when it was obvious Adam wanted more than just sex (which to any guy, it would have been a voluntary match made in cloud nine).
It also didn’t help when she didn’t rescue him out of embarrassing situations like when he told her she was beautiful after their first rendezvous, during her hang-out date with a fellow doctor colleague.
The part I didn’t like was when the bespectacled Lucy threw herself on Ashton. (Why must bespectacled girls be un-attractive?) I burst out laughing when the phone interrupted their smooch-ville episode and Lucy stood looking like an idiot with her bra exposed while Adam’s own was still on.
Above all, the film was sweet and utterly predictable which is the norm with romance. Also, a lot of focus was on the raunchy scenes than on the story itself. Why did Emma believe that there was nothing like Love? Was she traumatized in previous relationships? The film failed in that regard. However, my favourite part in the movie was when the estranged lovers meet at the hospital and she was about to run and embrace him and he said with tears in his eyes:
“Wait. Don’t come any closer. Because if you do, I won’t let you go forever” And they embrace and kiss. Awwww!!! The more realistic part was also when they show the new couple chowing down on food after they reconcile; which shows a very realistic portrayal of coupledom as its not all swashbuckling swords and purple linens.
Go get your DvD if you haven’t watched it in the cinemas.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Ever tried songwriting?

These days, more and more songwriters are bursting into the writing scene, writing short but melodic verses for the singer that would render it. I haven't done much research on it but i guessed that too many aspiring writers stick to writing books and do not ''adventurize'' outside the box.

I think it's even more lucrative than book writing and not to mention, less stressful. You don't have to go through the exhausting process of submitting, querying, synopsis, getting rejected, re-editing and so on. But getting the appropriate channel through record producers that will buy the song, might be where the challenge lies. And just imagine the tons of royalties gotten if the song becomes a hit. But if book writing is your passion, then write on.

Yet i feel song writing is a totally Pantser-ish way of writing yet it must be carved into a plot of Verse 1, Verse 2 with rhythms, a bridge sometimes and the anti climax. It must have tons of emotion and depth in order to appeal to the person being sung to.

I got my inspiration for this article from the hit song GRENADE by Bruno Mars.

The song is really emotional and it...made me cry.

Put so much zest in a song and when the singer sings or performs on stage, you'll see people swooning or even fainting (apart from the singer being cute!). LOL.

So, have you ever tried songwriting?

Thursday, March 31, 2011

An SOS message to Scientists and Inventors!

Do not be alarmed! A political revolution is sweeping the face of continents, shattering governments in Tunisia, Egypt, Cote de voire, Libya. There is no cause for alarm. The Earthquake-Tsunami-Nuclear explosion perplexed Japan and brought the techno-giant to its knees. Why should you be alarmed? Budget cuts in Britain forces the citizenry to re-think and regret voting for the current political dispensation. Alarm bells are chiming now as atheists now re-consider their thinking and cultivate it towards the lines of...


Yes, the world is in turmoil and we have every reason to be alarmed. Nothing above is new to the populace around the world. But what we really should fear apart from the million and more souls lost to the wars and natural disasters, are the post-traumatizing effects of it all. RADIATION! Radiation from Japan is inching closer to the U.S. and the rest of the world. Cancer and DNA abnormalities will now be the order of the centuries to come. Food and the water beds would be contaminated. What is the hope of our unborn generation?

It is noteworthy to mention that with every new technological invention being constructed, measures should be put in place as to how to curtail such invention should in case a tragedy occurs. I am sure Einstein would be rolling in his grave by now, as to the mess (which was supposed to be a weapon before being used for energy) he had invented which is now leading to the slow extermination of humanity. 

To make matters worse, scientists wake up announcing that curry is bad for you. Tomorrow, they'll say it contains anti-oxidants. Then the list became chocolates, red wine, sex, and so on that was once bad but now is great for the health. Plastics were wonderful for heating foods in the it's fatal.

I think i am beginning to envy the folk in the villages/counties/rural areas where they live simple, stress-free and non-polluted lives. And guess what...they get to live to grand old ages of 100 years and above.

Let's face it, all you aspiring writers out there. How can anyone dying in a country think about reading a book? If the world is collapsing, trust me, nobody will remember getting a book. Instead, they would think of saving themselves first and their families and then look for means to survive.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Early morning gory sight

I was on my way to work which is supposed to be about 30 minutes away. But combined with traffic, it goes for about an hour. In order to beat this unyielding menace, i board the commercial bikes, popularly known as Okada. As usual, there was a traffic build-up and the Okada driver tried manoeuvring through the busy road, until Lo and behold!, i witnessed a trailer parked awkwardly by the road and an okada lying sideways on the ground with a middle-aged man writhing on the ground with his intestines popping out of his body onto the ground.

There was so much blood and the man was conscious. But i can imagine the shock and the excruciating pain he must have gone through. The scene was enough to bring tears to my eyes. Cars drove by without stopping. And who would blame them? In Nigeria, a good samaritan could be transformed to a criminal for lending support. If a person helped and the man died in his/her hands, the person could be charged for murder as there is no proof to validate whether the deceased knew the good samaritan personally.

To make matters even more complicating, the doctors in General Hospitals are currently on Labour strike. As for private hospitals, the fees are enough to discourage the man's peers from assisting him as they belong to the low class.

Even the Okada driver that took me to my bus stop had to pause for sober reflection and i equally cautioned him to be very careful and not be over zealous in his driving.  As most of Okada drivers lose their lives like this every day and every week due to reckless driving. Some will say in Vernacular english that "Nothing fit happen. I dey drive Okada for 20 years" or worse, if you are cautioning them to slow their speed "Wetin now? Shey i no dey see road" (meaning that you should leave him alone as his eyes are clear). As we tried to decipher what could have caused such a fatal wound, my Okada driver said (in his illiteracy) that the trailer must have stepped on him. Ofcourse, this is completely untrue as the victim would have been pressed flat on the ground with his bones and organs squished.

Sad to say that with the traffic, an ambulance would take longer to come to his aid and even if one was available, the doctors' labour strike would have made it impossible for such service to occur.

Please, be careful whenever you drive or board a commute. A word is enough for the wise.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hope for the Hopeless

What a sad and fearfully hopeless period for the Japanese People!!! In a twinkle of an eye, all was lost as families were estranged as a result of the earthquake which led to the Tsunami that eventually led to the Nuclear reactors overheating, causing a catastrophic combo to annihilate the populace. The news channels always serve the same gory headlines, screaming at the madness of it all; coupled with an arab revolution. It's as if the world is about to come to an end.

Everyone knows the advancement the Japanese people have reached in terms of civilisation, technology and all other things scientific. I cannot but imagine that their corresponding needs must increase with this thirst for over-achievement. But, i cannot belive that a natural disaster-prone area would build Nuclear bases. Electricity is an important need and necessity but i wondered why they couldn't have invented safer ways of obtaining electricity because in this life, nothing is perfect...nor lasts forever. This has even forced western countries who have nuclear bases to review their bases. Already, a majority (if not all) Japanese people are infected with Radiation and these people who have a history of the Hiroshima attack have to be replenished with a new dose of DNA attack that is insurmountable for millenia to come. Just imagine these people marrying other races thus spreading the cancerous and deformity genes (thus never ending the cancer scourge), trying to stay alive with the radiation poisoned water and food, and seeking shelter as well as a comeback to their activities pre-catastrophe.

I saw an elderly couple on television looking for their only adult son through the rubble of the pub where he had worked and my heart leapt out for them. Where do they want to start from? When they are supposed to be reaping the fruiyts of their labour, they are now reaping the dividends of grief and trauma.

As they say, when there is life, there is hope. PLEASE donate to the Japanese Relief, Red Cross and pray for these people because they sure need overdoses of it. And thank God continously for where you are and what you have today because it could be you tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hugs from me to you

It's been a long while and i promise that i will concentrate on my blog, full time. I have really and genuinely missed you all. ***dabs a tear***. And here is a hug from me to you.

So, Quick questions, How has this year been to you? Have you lived up to your New Year resolutions?If you're a writer, are you editing or wait...SUBMITTING?? As for me, i was neck deep in situations i just couldn't control but hopefully, i am wading to the surface of the tempestuous water. Also, i was disappointed with the Harlequin turn-out, i must confess. Now, i know better than to submit partials to editors of contests. How come known authors don't do that? It only goes to show that these so-called publishing giants want to steal ideas of wanna-be authors, flesh the story and publish, while getting the kudos. Remind me, never to submit my stories to any contest of that magnitude because they always steal. I really do not have much to say but i want to say that my blogging will be in full swing next week, i assure you.

So, stay glued here for all the things that make you smile. Hugs from me to you.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's day!!! Pre-val.

Yep, it's too early to be saying this as its Valentine's day tomorrow but HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!! It's on the dreaded monday but it can still be fun. And not necessarily spent in the arms of the one you love..erm???

Enjoy the day with all asundry. Even the gardener at your office needs an upliftment, even if it means a smile or a pat on the back (until they sue for sexual or the waitress that serves you coffee or even Mr Grumpy the boss.

And, do reserve the chocolates and wine and other good stuff in the fridge if you want to keep your weight on the down low.

It's so funny when i remember my high school years when i would be secretly and desperately hoping for a secret admirer to suprise me with gifts. Hmmm...i would then cry privately if i didn't get any. So, in order to make things a bit steamy and interesting for you all, why don't you tell me about the experiences you had during Valentines' day in High school?

Say it loud and proud!!!

Hello everyone?

I do hate apologising but i will have to do it now. I apologise for not blogging simply because my boss stubbornly refused to pay for the company subscription and i was absorbed in my WIP and (fell ill in the middle) and tried to do some car shopping (probably SUVs) so there you have it.

I tried going through people's blogs to update myself and catch up with the blogosphere and it looks like everyone is busy doing something or the other. That's what the real world can do to you. I have gained a few pounds (arrggh, thanks chocolates, fast food and other junk!) and i had my first rejection...ever. From one of the biggest romance publishing houses...Harlequin from the So You Think You Can Write Contest. Anyway, i have learnt a lot from that and that's why i will say what i have to say...loud and proud.

  1. When you get rejected, it's not the end of the world. Because someone doesn't like your work, doesn't mean someone else won't.
  2. Learn from the experience and move on. I have read a lot of Harlequin books and seriously some storylines are a bit annoying and cliche-driven and flawed but those manuscripts still got published. My story was unique (like what any body would say) as i do not live in a fantasy world. Yep, love is sweet and nice and it still hurts/sucks and why shouldn't you inculcate that in your work? We do not live in a century where knights come in shining armours, instead they get on your nerves and yet still fall in love with them.
  3. Be surrounded with positive energy. I instantly researched agents who are more likely to approve my work and i have been thoroughly encouraged by the experience.

4.          This would be the last time i enter into another contest with millions of people all over the globe. 
             Why? My boyfriend told me that most of these publishing houses are suffering from in-house   
            writers' block so they are looking for fresh new ideas to steal from. Obviously if you've never been   
            published before, you would do anything and everything in your power to impress them so they steal 
            ideas and still reject you.

5.        My middle may be a bit heavy, same with my cheeks and butt but i still get to show off my curvy
           body off. YEAH, CUZ I AM SAYING IT LOUD AND PROUD!

I truly missed all of you so i would now be blogging during weekends or whenever i can get my own internet subscription which is very much going to be possible this week.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Thank God it's Friday!!!


The day was slow but thank God it's friday because i am going to PARTY!!! (joking) but at least i'll get to do what i luuuurrrrvvv to do which is writing. Lest, i forget, Twitter has an amazing cyber ocean of agents. Wow, i even met one in a space of seconds but i definitely couldn't pitch anything to her (you do not want to make a bad impression, being the new year and all). I'll also get to watch new films during the weekend. I watched Black Swan, Dear Mr Gacy, Dead Zone Series (a few episodes), Tron Legacy and The Tudors (a few episodes) during the holidays. Natalie Portman acted very nicely in Black Swan, which is a pyschological thriller (great for shaping up your writers' imagination, if you know what i mean). The movie for once had a different twist, in the sense that you'll expect Natalie's character to get down and dirty with her teacher but it wasn't so. Let me not spoil the gist for you all, so run along to the cinema near you.

Time to shake something...have a lovely weekend, everyone. Do not overindulge, don't drink and drive, don't fight with your spouses and above all, do spend some time with your spouse (after the writing time, that is). Bye.

N.B: I love both movie posters and i couldn't deal with the dilemma of having to choose one, hence the two.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

No Kiss Blogfest

Unfortunately, i forgot to post my No Kiss post on January 2 as i was enjoying my break from using the P.C. But for more information on this nice contest, here's a really cool blog to visit here. A big thank you to Frankie Diane Mallis, the owner of the blog who also extended the contest. You can also check out her cool pages.

Sooooo, here's my story on a grace to grass footballer who is reunited with his high school sweetheart (who is now a successful painter by profession) after he had jilted her for fame and fortune.......enjoy.


       She shook her head. She got out the heated pizza slices and almost flung it on the table, in annoyance. How could he have thought I didn’t take it seriously? Night after night, I cried as I thought it was true that I was a bad painter until I made a vow to work on my painting and prove him wrong, she thought. Seeing her changed disposition, he reached for her hand and caressed it, while he spoke.
“I’m not saying this because this is the right thing to say. I admit, I was a pig, a jerk and whatever vile name you can think of. From the bottom of my heart, I’m sorry I said those mean words. You can’t compare the mind of a 19 year old with a 31 year old. And as for what you said concerning my marriage, it was built on lies. I can’t explain the details now. My naivety and stupidity got the best of me. Even my team mates can attest to the temptations they face. But, that is not an excuse and I am ready to face whatever punishment you feel will help you move on. Mercedes, I am very sorry and believe it or not, I never stopped thinking of you.”
For lack of a picture to fit the depiction, this will have to do
             Her cheeks became flustered. Dale had tears in his eyes as he spoke. A clear indication of his honesty. Her heart suddenly leapt out to him. The stroking movements of his hand made her shudder. She averted her eyes.
“Mercedes, please take this from a man who has seen life. I shouldn’t even have anything to do with women after what I’ve been through” And with that, he left her hand and walked to the window. A garden and a fence occupied his view but he wasn’t looking as his mind had wandered. Looking at his bare back, she was tempted to run her fingers on them. Her hand still sizzled from his hot touch.
“Dale” she said, thinking of how to tell him, she had already forgiven him.
He turned around, folding his arms, his demeanor changing.
“You have forgiven me. There’s no need to pretend. I can see it in your eyes. Besides, why would you have bailed me, in the first place? Don’t forget I know you. Standing there, dripping wet from a shower and wearing nothing but a sheer gown...”
          She eyed him, feeling the embarrassment take over. Her strong girl persona had been rubbished. How could she forget that he knew her, even more than she knew herself? Was she coming on too strongly? Wasn’t she supposed to make him, her love slave? Before she could sort out her feelings, he had stormed over to her and grabbed her by the waist, looking into her eyes, his mouth, inches away from hers, their breaths meshing together. The way, he grabbed her, sent a warm electric current flow, through her body. His now raging erection had pressed into her. She imagined the sweet taste of his mouth on hers. Unconsciously, she placed a hand on his cheek.
“No need to be embarrassed. I want you twice as much. God, I am at my control’s edge of taking you right here on the table”
Her heart seemed to flutter with joy. She wasn’t frigid after all.
Kiss me, dammit, she thought. He closed his eyes, tightening his hand on her waist, fighting the urge to cup her beautiful, round buttocks. Her scent enthralled his nostrils, causing his erection to thicken, more than before. He used a finger to rub her seductive pout, remembering the games they played, as teens. The temptation to make love to her was deliciously irresistible. She taunted every bit of his senses.
“I don’t want to take advantage of you. We just met again after all these years” he continued. She begged him with her eyes. She was now flowing with wet abandon. The anticipation was becoming unbearable. She had kissed him before and as a teen, so why was it now hard? Her hands now held his well carved biceps for support. Please, Dale, Kiss me, she thought. No, No, don’t let go. He was releasing her from his grip, while shaking his head, rapidly. What if she’s using me?, he thought, getting away from her. 

Postscript: This is a Romance WIP of mine. So, it's still rough. But, do please comment on what should be added or subtracted. Thanks.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Resolutions Countdown

Happy New Year 2011 to you all!!! I can't wait for bloggydom to get rolling with blogs again as everyone resumes their activities. My resolutions for this year are but not limited to the following:

1. Jogging every weekends: Tick. I have started this already and my muscles were so pulled tight, i thought i was going to collapse from pain. Also, i have a pear shape i desperately need to get into shape (thank you mom for those genes) even though i am not close to being plump. I jogged during the weekend and i gasped so much for breath. I now have a new found respect for athletes and showbiz people.

2. Family ties: Tick. Spend more time with my family. I'm an independent girl on a business mission so i did enjoy my holiday reunion with my family. More of that, definitely.

3. Writing/Editing/Submitting: My YA Mainstream WIP is over 50,000 words and my target is 80,000. After NaNoWriMo, i neglected it so i need to pick it up again. My romance fiction is a work in progress after my first chapter submission to Harlequin. My writing had suffered badly due to work, home stress and my Masters Degree Thesis. So, this year i need to pick it up again, finish my 2 WIPs (the romance WIP has surpassed the YA Mainstream unfortunately) and edit, revise and then start submitting. Hopefully, i'll finish my Thesis in late February and pick up my beloved writing.

4. Get Married: Well...well...well...i do want to get married but it seems that each time i get financially closer to my goal (my fiance too), one pressing commitment rises its ugly head. I do not even want to listen to my alter ego telling me if both of us are even serious to begin with. But deep down, i do want to get married, though i am not 100% desperate about this. My biological clock isn't helping matters also. Tick tock, tick tock...countdown begins.

5. Higher work pay: I definitely am working on this as its about time i start buying those things on display in shops (clothes, shoes, accessories, you name it) and travel (hmmm....bahamas calling) to exotic areas. You only live once, right? So, why should i be stuck in a routine job while saddled with more responsibilities than i can think of and still get underpaid? (Seriously affecting resolution 4 above). And how can i achieve this...Psst.

6. Save: Definitely not easy when your salary is average (nope, i'm not telling what i earn) but i am working towards achieving resolution 5 which would translate to a better and higher savings plan for myself and my unborn kids.

7. Have fun: Tick. You only live once so i am getting out of my conservative self and exploring the night scene once in a while because i am such a homebody (my alter loves to explore) so i am definitely taking up this one.

8. Add Masters Degree to Resume: Yep, i'll finally do this and i am happy about this. In my country, qualifications do matter and that translates to achieving Resolutions 4, 5 and 6.

For now, i can only think of these. What are your new year resolutions? Have a wonderful day. Peace.
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