Friday, May 27, 2011

Could it be?

It's been ages since i visited this blog. It was partly due to the non-commenting which de-motivated me, amongst other real life matters. Yet, i am a slave to the keyboard and as a writer, i cannot help but surrender all emotions, musings and thought processes.

I thought i was the only one caught with the Non-updating Blog Fever until i noticed the trend with other die-hard bloggers. Some favourite bloggers (judging from the comments!) disappeared altogether and the void to sniff off other people's information just kept widening. The question that came to my mind was: Could it be that blogging seems to be dying?

Other pressing questions are:


  1. that blogging isn't as fun as it used to be?
    2. that writers are geting fed up with the endless journey to the road of publication?

    3. that writers have now smelt the onions and realized that book publishing isn't as lucrative compared to  

        being your own boss/entrepreneur?
    4. that Osama being dead doesn't mean the end of terrorism?
    5. that writing contests apart from the contagious A to Z contest are not as stimulating as before?
    6. that wearing lingerie or granny pants do not mean anything to a man who still has a roving eye?
    7 that despite tweeting about conversationalist topics on tweeter, your followers do not rise beyond 10
    8. that Joanna the bionic writer is pregnant again as she hasn't updated her blog in a whilllleeeee?
    9. that humans have a dark nature comparable to the devil?
Those are just a handful of my musings. Thank God it's friday. Have a lovely weekend and don't just snoop on me. Leave a comment. Now that would make my day. Peace.


  1. If only the blogging world were quiet-- I'm having a hard time keeping up! ;) Still fun, though.

  2. Thanks Su. I do wish i got more comments than a mere glance like what i am saying/blogging does not make any sense.


Seriously, i hope you're not glancing through my blog without leaving a comment. It won't take much of your time as i read each and every comment. Thanks as you do so. Peace.

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