Tuesday, July 19, 2011

More movie reviews

I hope you enjoyed the past movie reviews i did. Were the movies worth it? I'm back again with more movie reviews in a better format which won't spoil the fun of watching it for you. On today's line-up are the following movies. They are not in order of importance.

Based on the dream state/realm to discover possibilities of sowing an idea into the mind. Beautiful direction of photography, nice special effects that look real except for one or two flaws. Leonardo DiCaprio as usual gave it his all. Look out for the emotional ending. I rate it four stars.

Based on circus showings. A man falls in love for a lady with wings yet deceives her. The film dragged a bit. At one point, i dozed off while watching. The acting was mediocre and a bit drab. Megan Fox's character doesn't look like your typical innocent woman, so maybe that's the fault of the casting director. Look out for Mickey Rourke. I rate it two stars.
A parody and satire combination of real issues from save our children, gay cruises, racial inequality, the imitation of Britney Spears, Al-Qaeda and so on. It's similar to Scary movie only better. Wonderful comedy that would guarantee tons of laughter. I rate it four and a half stars.

An alien is booted from outer space and his ring chooses its successor on earth. An evil force threatens to destroy worlds.Very similar to the 2d animation portrayal. I've always had a crush on Ryan Reynolds but without bias, he did some very good acting. The special effects were good and the story line had depth. I rate it three and a half stars.

Unfortunately, this sequel's story line was the worst of all. But it never disappoints with extra special effects, buildings toppling over each other, violence and decepticons battling the primes. Megan Fox was much better here than her replacement. I rate it three stars.

A guy goes back in time several times to stop a train bomb blast. Jake Gyllenhaal stars in the movie and it was superb, though the endless back and forth became a bit monotonous. I rate it three and a half stars.

 Very similar to The Crush which starred Alicia Silverstone. A high schooler crushes on her maths teacher with devastating consequences. I rate it three stars.

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