Thursday, October 21, 2010

The beauty of leaving a writing legacy

I got home from work, thoroughly exhausted and almost crawling to my bed. Well...i am kidding as i didn't crawl...LOL! Anyway, i jumped on the bed and gazed at the direction of my ancient cane shelf which is my novel library. The books are mainly authored by Penny Jordan (think of the late 80's/early 90's Mills and Boon book cover), James Hadley Chase, Nick Carter, Harold Robbins and Agatha Christie. I must confess that James Hadley Chase helped shape my writing career. How, you ask? When i was about 13/14, i took up one of his sleazy covered books and read through. My mind formed a sort of contest, where i thought to myself how writing was soooooooo easy (even though, i never wrote anything) and these writers were making a lot of noise with their numerous books. So, i took the challenge and got a writing pad and began what you can say, a lifelong part of my life, over the years. It was not easy, at first, come to think of it, because my first set of stories lacked depth and was totally lurid. 

During that period of transformation, i was able to amass a large quantity of readership and wrote a play for my Secondary school (high school) competition between the boarding houses. 
As, i look back, i cannot help but ponder on the success of the authors that inspired me with their legacies. Checking through their books, you'll find out how far back they authored such books (one was as far back as 1950something!) and still manage to survive in the deluge of unquantifiable authors and wanna-be authors.

Frankly, there is no greater joy in leaving a legacy or legacies than being ''just'' an ordinary writer. Despite, the adaptations and modifications done to those old books, they still leave a sizzling emotion to the reader. 

Before, i forget, there is a peculiar contest by H.P. Mallory, where you get to be a character in her new book, Toil and Trouble. You should check it out. And, just like a housewife, she is quite demanding. But, it's a small price to pay for participating. Here's the link.  

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