Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Passionate Book Encounters...

When i was in my teens, i was an avid reader of romance books. Gosh, i could kill for Mills and Boon especially with their lacklustre softcovers (unlike now!!!) but exciting and passionate characters and stories to follow.

I would day dream of my Prince Charming especially how he would look like and sweep me off my feet. Tall, brown sugared, dark hazel eyes, handsome chiselled face, moderate biceps...and above all, a sexy (not too baritone) voice. Funny, that as an adult, your preferences are limited to an extent. And i digressed to Science Fiction, Crime and Mystery.

Anyway, the topic is on Passionate Book Encounters. What book have you read that made you sizzle? Or appealed to you in such a way that you saw yourself as the heroine of the book? 

Times have changed and have had tremendous impact on the way books are written now. Books have steamier passionate encounters between the main characters than say, 20 years ago. I recall a book i read recently by Elisa Adams entitled Eden's Curse. It was so erotically written that you would literarily think you were revelling in a pornographic setting. But it was still a fantastic read nonetheless. In romance genres, as a writer, you need to fuel your story with passion but how much passion is enough? Some people like it subtle and others like it explicit. It's amazing how a pen can seduce a reader's emotions.

The bottom line however is that it must be a fascinating read for your readers. And  make them come back for more. Lure and hook them in your world. For life. That is why we will always remember Penny Jordan, Danielle Steel etc.

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