Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hope for the Hopeless

What a sad and fearfully hopeless period for the Japanese People!!! In a twinkle of an eye, all was lost as families were estranged as a result of the earthquake which led to the Tsunami that eventually led to the Nuclear reactors overheating, causing a catastrophic combo to annihilate the populace. The news channels always serve the same gory headlines, screaming at the madness of it all; coupled with an arab revolution. It's as if the world is about to come to an end.

Everyone knows the advancement the Japanese people have reached in terms of civilisation, technology and all other things scientific. I cannot but imagine that their corresponding needs must increase with this thirst for over-achievement. But, i cannot belive that a natural disaster-prone area would build Nuclear bases. Electricity is an important need and necessity but i wondered why they couldn't have invented safer ways of obtaining electricity because in this life, nothing is perfect...nor lasts forever. This has even forced western countries who have nuclear bases to review their bases. Already, a majority (if not all) Japanese people are infected with Radiation and these people who have a history of the Hiroshima attack have to be replenished with a new dose of DNA attack that is insurmountable for millenia to come. Just imagine these people marrying other races thus spreading the cancerous and deformity genes (thus never ending the cancer scourge), trying to stay alive with the radiation poisoned water and food, and seeking shelter as well as a comeback to their activities pre-catastrophe.

I saw an elderly couple on television looking for their only adult son through the rubble of the pub where he had worked and my heart leapt out for them. Where do they want to start from? When they are supposed to be reaping the fruiyts of their labour, they are now reaping the dividends of grief and trauma.

As they say, when there is life, there is hope. PLEASE donate to the Japanese Relief, Red Cross and pray for these people because they sure need overdoses of it. And thank God continously for where you are and what you have today because it could be you tomorrow.

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