Thursday, March 31, 2011

An SOS message to Scientists and Inventors!

Do not be alarmed! A political revolution is sweeping the face of continents, shattering governments in Tunisia, Egypt, Cote de voire, Libya. There is no cause for alarm. The Earthquake-Tsunami-Nuclear explosion perplexed Japan and brought the techno-giant to its knees. Why should you be alarmed? Budget cuts in Britain forces the citizenry to re-think and regret voting for the current political dispensation. Alarm bells are chiming now as atheists now re-consider their thinking and cultivate it towards the lines of...


Yes, the world is in turmoil and we have every reason to be alarmed. Nothing above is new to the populace around the world. But what we really should fear apart from the million and more souls lost to the wars and natural disasters, are the post-traumatizing effects of it all. RADIATION! Radiation from Japan is inching closer to the U.S. and the rest of the world. Cancer and DNA abnormalities will now be the order of the centuries to come. Food and the water beds would be contaminated. What is the hope of our unborn generation?

It is noteworthy to mention that with every new technological invention being constructed, measures should be put in place as to how to curtail such invention should in case a tragedy occurs. I am sure Einstein would be rolling in his grave by now, as to the mess (which was supposed to be a weapon before being used for energy) he had invented which is now leading to the slow extermination of humanity. 

To make matters worse, scientists wake up announcing that curry is bad for you. Tomorrow, they'll say it contains anti-oxidants. Then the list became chocolates, red wine, sex, and so on that was once bad but now is great for the health. Plastics were wonderful for heating foods in the it's fatal.

I think i am beginning to envy the folk in the villages/counties/rural areas where they live simple, stress-free and non-polluted lives. And guess what...they get to live to grand old ages of 100 years and above.

Let's face it, all you aspiring writers out there. How can anyone dying in a country think about reading a book? If the world is collapsing, trust me, nobody will remember getting a book. Instead, they would think of saving themselves first and their families and then look for means to survive.

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