Monday, April 4, 2011

No Strings Attached Movie Review

I decided to showcase a movie today instead of chalking it to the Movie Reviews section of my blog. This week’s review is NO STRINGS ATTACHED directed by Ivan Reitman  and starring the cute Natalie Portman and prankster, Ashton Kutcher. The movie is very much like a novel sequence with a detailed plot and I can’t help but wonder if the writer of this screen play is also an author.
The movie opens on the two characters in their childhood, with Ashton’s character, Adam, depressed with the divorce of his parents and a reluctant Natalie’s character, Emma,  holding his shoulder. Years later, they meet again at a college frat party. I don’t want to spoil it for those who haven’t watched the movie…yet.
Ashton played his character well but I honestly thought in some scenes (like when he was desperate for sex and was calling all girls on his phone log) he would burst out laughing, because of his comedic nature. Both characters also pulled off their first sex scene, as the camera revealed only their faces. But in a subsequent one where a male roommate knocked on their door, for disturbing his porn flick, they resembled body doubles and the camera shot from an aerial angle that hid that little teeny weeny piece of information. What I couldn’t understand, was why Emma was afraid of commitment when it was obvious Adam wanted more than just sex (which to any guy, it would have been a voluntary match made in cloud nine).
It also didn’t help when she didn’t rescue him out of embarrassing situations like when he told her she was beautiful after their first rendezvous, during her hang-out date with a fellow doctor colleague.
The part I didn’t like was when the bespectacled Lucy threw herself on Ashton. (Why must bespectacled girls be un-attractive?) I burst out laughing when the phone interrupted their smooch-ville episode and Lucy stood looking like an idiot with her bra exposed while Adam’s own was still on.
Above all, the film was sweet and utterly predictable which is the norm with romance. Also, a lot of focus was on the raunchy scenes than on the story itself. Why did Emma believe that there was nothing like Love? Was she traumatized in previous relationships? The film failed in that regard. However, my favourite part in the movie was when the estranged lovers meet at the hospital and she was about to run and embrace him and he said with tears in his eyes:
“Wait. Don’t come any closer. Because if you do, I won’t let you go forever” And they embrace and kiss. Awwww!!! The more realistic part was also when they show the new couple chowing down on food after they reconcile; which shows a very realistic portrayal of coupledom as its not all swashbuckling swords and purple linens.
Go get your DvD if you haven’t watched it in the cinemas.

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