Monday, November 8, 2010

Crazy Weekend!!!

My weekend was nothing but tranquil. I had to rush and make a hairstyle on saturday that would satisfy the artistic side of my fiance who doesn't get easily impressed, hair-wise. He likes my hair to be free of any parting. Unfortunately, the creator made me have a large forehead which i always try to hide under bangs/fringes, sideswept or full. I did my usual sideswept wavy hair extension and he couldn't hide his exasperation. For the sake of peace, i had to rush again the next day, to have my hair re-done into a mix of long wavy natural looking afro (think of Seal's little boy) which is quite radical for me. My hair took a total of 4 hours to get done as i have long hair.

This weekend was his because the previous weekend was mine. Last weekend, he cooked for me, took me shopping and cooed romantic endearments in my ear and via sms. For the picture of my new radical look, stay glued to this blog.

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