Friday, November 5, 2010

What makes writers so versatile?

Today, i'll be ''talking'' on what makes writers so versatile. Some people were born with the gift to write due to a hyperactive imagination while others took it as a vocation/hobby. I have seen some pretty plain, very ordinary looking geek writers that anyone would just overlook them and boy do they know how to write!

What makes writers versatile is not just having a vivid imagination and putting it in either bogous english or plain words but in not restricting oneself, genre-wise.Wouldn't it stretch your imagination to write in different genres thus expanding your horizon. I admire writers that write different genres especially one man in particular. His name is Stephen King, quite a horror household name. He, not only, writes horror, but writes drama, suspense, fantasy etc. The ability to think outside the box is truly what makes writers versatile; which unfortunately, not many people are gifted with.

Another point on what makes writers versatile is the ability to juggle other aspects of one's life with this writing passion. Most writers have regular job schedules, some demanding and others are not. But despite through the craziness of it all, you still have time for that beloved...that love which you instill so much energy and passion into even if it does not materialise into financial gain. Mine is particularly funny. I live and work in a country notorious for its power fluctuations as majority of companies and businesses both small and large depend on generators. To beat this nightmare, i have to first write my ideas and thought processes in a notepad and then (if there's no power), switch on the generator to have it typed on my laptop. And i only have this kind of typing time during weekends or when i have to sacrifice a part of my break time, typing on my work desktop. To add to more intrigues, i have to spend quality time during weekends with my fiance so when i get back to my system, i type a few sentences and start feeling sleepy. I respect the writer i met online who is married with three toddlers and still creates time for her writing. Now, if that doesn't make writers versatile, nothing does!

Writing is like a lover. He takes so much of your time and energy. All he does is take, take, take. You shield him from thieves that want to snatch him away from you directly or indirectly. You burn the midnight oil for him, constantly checking if all his clothes are properly laid out and done neatly. Sometimes he gives back to you if he catches the eye of a third party who want to share your world with him.

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  1. he he, well said writing is definitely a struggle the funny side is also the fact that if we don't write we get miserable, well i do. but you'll still hear me complain abt not being able to sleep till 3.30 am bcos my muse only shows up at 12 midnight when everybody is in bed


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