Monday, November 22, 2010

If wishes were real, i would fly like an eagle

On my way to work today, i recollected on various professions i had wished to be, when i reach adulthood. Can you remember wishing to be something and ended up not doing/being?  These are the wishes i had while growing up, thinking they'll one day become true:

1) I think when i was about 9 years of age, i wanted to be a model like Naomi Campbell.

2) At 12 years, i wanted to be a Newscaster, having fell in 'love' with a local newscaster.

3) At 14 years, i wanted to be a pharmacist because i had liked the white outfits they wore and the simple elegance of handing out prescriptions...(i don't know why i liked this because i later became bored with it).

4) At 15/16 years, i wanted to be an architect because of my drawing talent and i thought it wouldn't be boring mathematical calculations, geometry and the like.

5) At 17 years, i wanted to be an agent. I had watched a Will Smith movie Men in Black and the idea of wearing black apparels with sunglasses on, appealed tremendously to me.

6) At 19 years, when adulthood was slowly creeping up, i decided to be an advertising practitioner. I guess, secretly, i desired to be an agent which is obtainable in the industry as the advertising firms are called agencies.

7) At 25 years, i thought of becoming either a Veterinary doctor or a Psychologist because i love animals for the former and the latter was also appealing because i love to research on the complexity of the human behaviour. I still think of these two professions till now and succumbed to the idea that probably in another life, i would conclude on either one.

Somewhere in between, i imagined being a singer and an actress. Unfortunately, my voice got the better of me and acting comment! Medicine was a one-off thought that i quickly shelved because it would take forever to finish and the thought of severing dead bodies for experiments brought a distaste to my mouth.

So, if wishes were real, i would indeed fly like an eagle. But be careful what you wish for. Even the eagle is not at the top of the food chain especially when other hungry carnivorous mammals like the hyena are concerned.

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  1. ha ha my bro changed his occupation every week when we were kids. I have changed occupation just 4 times so far accountant, pharmacist (I really wanted to work for boots), Diplomat/Uni Professor and writer.


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