Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hilarious Random Pictures for the Holidays!

I had no idea what to blog about until i saw a funny, make it two and decided to share with y'all. Today is the official break day from work till 29th. So as far as blogging goes, lets keep the fingers crossed. Who knows? I am guessing (no, deciding) i'll use this time to meet and greet my long lost (forsaken) friends, eat holiday food, dance, and work on my W.I.Ps.

A big thank you to my followers, the lovely blog from Kittie Howard, the lovely comments from Kittie, Joanna and L'Aussie and all the love. Hope you guys and girls have a wonderful christmas holiday and do not forget to make and stick to your new year resolutions. I do hope by next year, i would edit and revise my WIPs for Jan-April, Get it critiqued for May, Revise again for June, Submit and Query for July. Wait till October for responses from agents. And in between, work on another manuscript.

The first is real and the picture was taken in Nigeria some time ago. It was quite popular and went viral. The second picture (cartoon) marks the fantasy of the artist, in which case, chickens begin to protest by defending themselves from humans' ravenous apetites (a story could come out from this...LOL).

Cheers to a wonderful merry christmas and a happy new year in advance.


Seriously, i hope you're not glancing through my blog without leaving a comment. It won't take much of your time as i read each and every comment. Thanks as you do so. Peace.

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