Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I want me some alpha male

Looking at the formulaic patterns of romance books, one can't help but get drawn to the alpha male in the book. He is the epitome of maleness. Huge ego, courage, bad temperamnet, ability to conduct greeeeaaat sex acts, master in the art of seduction and temptation...and let's not forget, the huge biceps, amidst the blue/brown eyes, kissable lips and a host of other things, that get women 'creaming' their panties, fantasising on how such men would give them head...

Am i too vulgar? Nah, if you read Erotic fiction or you write erotic fiction, that is nothing. He is mesmerised by the fragile, lithe, sometimes bony/skinny female and has a raging, almost animalistic drive to have sex with her. Gosh, i read some of these romance books and i, burst out laughing. The authors or publishing house(s), ''brainwash'' their target readers into believing, the alpha male is just within your grasp, if you believe...Now, i'm not dissing romance books as i was a huge fan as a teen, but you and i know that men don't come across as all lovey dovey or whatever. I like some books who have inculcated that realistic pattern of male cons into the writing process, in order to embody the sweet and sour realism of it all. And, that makes for a truly great read, and one in which cynical readers like myself can truly appreciate and be sympathetic with the main characters.

Now, i believe every woman has a fantasy of how her ideal man should be, so it's understandable. Now, i would have preferred a realistic couple like this (inclusive of any imperfections cuz no one is perfect) below

              as opposed to say, a couple like this below:  (Nice garters, and butt, by the way)

 Or another couple like this below:

as opposed to this above:

Without further rambling, i present a few alpha male pictures from the millions that you love...or rather, LUST!!! Naughty, Naughty you. Yes, you.

Hmmmmmm, OMG, David Beckham!!!

I could get lost in Ian Somerhalder's eyes.***blushes*** LOL

Kinda like his Vin Diesel's bad boy image and his character in Pitch Black.


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