Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas in arrears and a Happy New Year in advance!!!

Decided to blog today and wish y'all bloggy folks a merry christmas and a happy new year, though i noticed that most bloggy folks have taken a break from blogging. And who would blame them? So, how was your christmas?

I spent mine eating and watching movies. I got gifts though. But this christmas in this country is just a bit above average, probably because of the economic recession where people are kind of tight-fisted or tight-pocketed. Hmmm.

So, how will your new year be? In Britain, they call the new year holiday as bank holiday. In Nigeria, we just say new year holiday.

A word of advice:

  • Do not over indulge
  • Do not drive while drunk
  • Do not forget to fasten your seat belt, even in party mode
  • Do not forget to stock up your fridge (after the celebrations, you will need to survive or even feed your cat or dog or some exotic animal)
  • Do not forget to visit your old folks (at least show you care)
  • And above all, do not forget to BLOG about your holiday : )
Happy holidays peeps!!!


  1. Hi Rachel,
    Yup! You're right about a lot of fellow bloggers taking a break, I was one of them as you noticed. But I'm ready to tackle the blogosphere in the new year ;)
    I wish you a lot of publishing success in 2011 and lots of inspiration on your writing.
    Take care!

  2. Christmas was good, New Year should be better... it's my anniversary! :)

  3. Thanks Claudia. I also wish you great blogging in the new year.

  4. Su, wow!!! I wish you the best in your anniversary. Here's my little toast to you ***raises a wine glass****.


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