Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hilarious Random Pictures for the Holidays! Celebrity Edition

Happy holidays to you all. In the spirit of the holidays, i present my humble bloggy self to you all. I was browsing as usual when i saw some celebrity pictures on the net (let's face it, i am a snoopy armadillo when it comes to celebrity gossip). Now, these sets of pictures made me smile...and laugh. I tried to depict what they might be thinking below. Some are cheeeeeeeeeeesssyyyyy's all for fun.

You might have seen them but in any case, just enjoy.

Man might think: "Let's just get away from the noise and the party and have our private party"

 Just imagine Dustin Hoffman's thought: Dustin: "Hmm...Hmmm, that is one big handful balloon. Brad is lucky"

David might think: "This is one butt i can grab and do naughty things...not like skinny boned Vic"

Scarlett Johansson: "Grandpa Woody, what do you think you're doing?"
Woody bends: "Ooh. How i want to rub my nose in those babies."

Sophia Loren: "Who does the slut think she is? Trying to upstage me with her...her...fake...hmm, they look nice"
 Diddy: "Whoa, Jessica sure has the meanest, illest, phattest set of boobs in this industry"
Jessica Biel(through clenched teeth): "Careful, Diddy. Justin T. isn't far, you know. Gotta look good for the paps"
Man thinks: "I would absolutely love to have a twosome with these fine niceties...not like the wife with her sagginess"

 Guy in red chequered shirt (laughs with others) thinks: "Double damn! I wish she was single and i could be her hero"

 Scarlett: "I just love that premiere, like, totally.(thinking: Yeah, go on. Have a long look. I'm not the sexiest woman alive for nothing"
Girl: "Yeah, it rocked...(thinking: I really need to get an implant. Gosh!)

Halle Berry: "Let's take a picture fand discuss our next movie project..."
Bruce Willis thinks: "How would Halle's boob taste like? Maybe like Demi's or...OMG, the paparazzi is snapping this! I will make them DIE HARD!"

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